Co-op Under Attack in Guatemala

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Café Ético has announced that an urgent situation has been unfolding in Guatemala,
where members of the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA) have been
receiving death threats and have forced the organization’s leaders and their
families to go into hiding. The CCDA is the peasant and indigenous people’s
labour organization that has been a key supplier of organically grown coffee
for Café Ético in Vancouver. These threats, following a campaign of
intimidation and the theft of 35,000 worth of coffee beans from the CCDA’s
processing centre, has been denounced by the CCDA and the Peasant Movement of
Guatamela (MSICG) as an attempt to weaken the CCDA as a result of its efforts
to protect peasants and indigenous people from violations of their labour
rights. As of this writing, no action by the State authorities or police to
investigate the threats and the theft has been taken and the national
co-ordinator of CCDA, Leocadio Juracán Salomé and his family, remain in hiding
for fear of their lives.

Ético urges supporters to send a letter urging

That the life, safety and
physical integrity of the leadership and associates of the CCDA be guaranteed,
as well as all members of the Juracán Family.

That the Public Prosecutor carry out an immediate and effective
investigation regarding these new attacks against the CCDA and the Jurcán
family, which leads to the identification, capture and prosecution of the
material and intellectual authors of these crimes.

Letters may
be written in Spanish or your own language and sent to the following addresses:

Lic. Jose Amílcar Velásquez Zárate
Fiscal General de la República y Jefe del Ministerio Público
8ª avenida 10-67, Antiguo Edificio del Banco de los Trabajadores, Zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Telefax: (011) 502 2411 9124 / (011) 502 2411 9326

Ministro de Gobernación
Señor Raúl Velásquez Ramos
6a.Avenida 13-71, zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Telefax: (011) 502 2413 8658

Doctor Sergio Morales
Procurador de Derechos Humanos de Guatemala
Telefax: (011) 502 2424 1717

Ruth del Valle
Directora Ejecutiva
Comisión Presidencial Coordinadora de la Política del Ejecutivo en materia de los
Derechos Humanos
2a Avenida 10-50 zona 9
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala