Ethanol producers downplay potential provincial policy shift

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Despite strong hints the Ontario government may back away from its earlier ethanol commitments, it’s full steam ahead for the $132-million ethanol plant in Aylmer, says a company official. "The statement by Premier (Dalton) McGuinty will not affect our plans," says Tom Cox, chairman of the Integrated Grain Processors Cooperative (IGPC), which owns the plant. … Continued

Innovative Art Co-op Scores Tax Victory for All Commercial Non-profit Co-ops

Under the leadership of its Co-Chair, Sid Gould, InsideArt Cooperative has been successful in stating its case to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that this non-profit cooperative is not subject to the payment of corporate tax on its net income. InsideArt was counseled by an accountant specialized in co-op taxation that it must file a … Continued