Car sharing one way to beat pumps

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Christine Lovelace thinks the hassles of owning a car just aren’t worth it. Not when she can get one now and then from a car-sharing co-op. Lovelace sold her 1994 Toyota Tercel in 2005 after she moved from Nova Scotia to Washington, D. C., for work. While in the American capital, Lovelace relied on so-called … Continued

Eat closer to home

Starting today, eating local foods will be easier than ever in Sudbury after the grand opening of the Eat Local Sudbury Co-operative store at 11 a. m. at Market Square. The goal of the co-operative is to only carry local produce, defined as food grown or raised within 150 miles of Sudbury. "What we’re hearing … Continued

Big fuel costs have cabbies thinking small

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If Joni Mitchell were to rewrite her hit Big Yellow Taxi, she might be inclined to call it Little Green Hybrid instead. It wouldn’t be nearly as catchy and it has a strange Martian ring to it, but with fuel costs and greenhouse gases both crowding the upper atmosphere, it might prove more accurate as … Continued