BCCA to launch Co-operative Career Internship Program, November 23rd, 2009

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The Co-operative Career Internship Program is
a new BCCA initiative designed to give eight youth interns experience in the
co-op sector in BC. BCCA will help co-ops select, train and support interns for
21-week placements in the province. Eight youth in the province will have the
opportunity to become involved in the co-op and credit union sector.  BCCA will provide them with an education in
the history of the co-op movement and in the structure of co-operative
enterprise. Interns will make strong connections with the co-operatives and
credit unions in their communities, and in addition to gaining valuable skills
they will come to understand and appreciate the role of co-ops and credit
unions in contributing to the quality of life in their communities.

This program is
federally supported through Service Canada and as part of the Career Focus
program, Service Canada subsidizes intern wages by 50%. The BCCA program is
modeled on the success of the programs currently running in Ontario and
Alberta. OnCo-op in  Ontario has been
running similar programs since 2002 with huge success and now offers the
program twice a year and accept 30 interns annually.  Nearly half of the 2008 interns found work in
the co-op sector after finishing their placements.

This program is
available to members of BCCA, or organizations applying for membership in 2009
and is in the final stages of approval with Service Canada.  If you would like to request an application,
or more information please contact the Director of Youth Programs, Chelsea Lake
at youth@bcca.coop.