BCCA Strategic Plan Update

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May 12, 2016 – At this crossroads in its history, BCCA is soliciting member input on its strategic plan. A Strat Planning Task Force, led by John Kay, Vice Chair of BCCA, was constituted in February 2016 and represents 14 of our members. The goal of the planning process is to revision BCCA’s programs and services in response to shifting economic conditions and to provide increased member value

To date, the Task Force has engaged in useful debate and provided invaluable feedback on key proposals. BCCA staff has prepared a high level Balanced Scorecard Dashboard that has been reviewed by the BCCA board. Board and staff are currently developing a robust revenue model.

More detailed information on the strategic plan and its impact on BCCA and our membership will be sent to members later in May. An outline of the strategic plan will be presented to the membership at the June 10, 2016 Annual General Meeting.