BC Food Systems Network Gathering

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The Gathering Committee of the BC Food Systems Network has started preparing for another Gathering. We are thrilled to announce that Diane Elliott-Buckley will be back this year as coordinator of the Gathering. Welcome back, Diane!

Please make a note of the dates of the Gathering: July 5-7, 2013. The Gathering will happen at Camp Pringle on Shawnigan Lake, a few kilometres from Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

In keeping with the location of the 2013 Gathering, the theme this year will be “Food from the water, food from the land”. We’re still defining what that will mean, and we’ll be looking to members and the people in our network to come up with workshops, talks, and activities that make connections between land-based and water-based food systems.

Here’s what you can do NOW:
  • Circle those dates in your calendar (July 5-7, 2013);
  • Start setting aside some funds for registration and travel;
  • Get your organization(s) to start committing some resources to sending some people to the Gathering;
  • Spread the word in your networks to see who might want to come and spend a few days connecting with food activists, farmers, seed-savers, policy wonks, and just regular folks who fight for everyone’s access to real food.
Thanks! We really look forward to having you with us in July!

David Parkinson
(on behalf of the Gathering Committee)