Upcoming Co-op Cafes Schedule

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You may have noticed that we have a lot of Co-op Cafes coming up in different areas of BC and we couldn’t be more excited about this! To clarify where and when these cafes are taking place, we thought we would lay it all out here to avoid confusion:

Feb. 28 (Vancouver) 8-9:30 am at Lost & Found Cafe (our regular monthly get-together hosted by Katherine Levett)

Mar. 5 (Kelowna) 5-7 pm at BNA Brewing (hosted by Christian Brandt and Katherine Levett)

Mar. 5 (Nanaimo) 9:30 am at Coco Cafe (hosted by Ben Hyman)

Mar. 13 (Vancouver) 6-8 pm at Co-op Radio (hosted by the folks at Co-op Radio and Katherine Levett)

If you have any questions or ideas to discuss at any of these cafes, please email our Program Coordinator Katherine Levett: katherine@bcca.coop.