Going from incubating a co-op idea to incorporating a new co-op can be a monumental journey, with many challenges along the way. We offer high-quality consulting services to groups developing a co-op, to support them through this intense process.

Our comprehensive Cultivating Co-ops Guide is the first step in the co-op journey. The guide answers most of the questions new co-op development groups may have, and walks them through various evaluations, checklists and templates.

Once a group has worked through the guide (which can take several months) and has demonstrated serious intent to continue developing their co-op idea, we evaluate their progress to ensure they’re ready for the next steps.

If they are, the BCCA offers FREE introductory consulting services for them to continue developing their co-op, which can include:

  • Legal advice to begin the incorporation process
  • Help with applications for co-op funding or grants
  • Business consulting to finalize a business plan
  • Any other consulting services…

BCCA Consulting Service Benefits

  • We introduce groups to our exclusive list of experienced and specialized co-op development professionals, whom groups may not be able to find on their own.
  • With a referral from the BCCA, groups receive priority access to services, which they may be waiting weeks or months for if they were to contact our co-op development professionals directly.
  • The BCCA covers the cost for groups to receive one to two hours of free consultation time (usually billed at $100 to $150 per hour).

Once the introductory consultation ends, groups take over the relationship and are responsible for engaging their consultant and paying for their time. Our team of co-op development professionals are passionate about getting new co-ops up and running, and offer exceptional value at fair prices.

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