Want to learn about business, build your resume, work with a team and have fun? Get involved in CIS!


Co-ops in Schools (CIS) is a free youth outreach program that links the BC co-operative community with post-secondary and secondary school students for mentorship and skills development. CIS connects post-secondary students with secondary school students through extra-curricular “Co-op Clubs”.

If you’re interested in business, sustainability, social justice, and community development, CIS is a fun way to learn all about co-operation and business, and to become a part of BC’s growing co-op movement.

CIS runs during the school year (excluding school breaks and exam periods). Engaging, interactive program activities take place weekly at your school’s Co-op Club, and include a series of external events. The CIS program offers a lot benefits:

It’s FUN

  • Participate in an active extracurricular club, with lots to do
  • Learn about co-operation and business through hands-on activities, games, events, and even a field trip
  • Get prizes too!

Strengthen Your Resume and Post-secondary Admission Applications

  • Learn new skills that you can use socially and professionally and list on your resume, to impress employers
  • Demonstrate non-academic achievements, which can strengthen your post-secondary school and scholarship applications
  • Discover new career and volunteer choices

Learn About the Post-secondary Experience

  • Get an idea of what you can expect when you go to university or college from your Co-op Club’s post-secondary student coaches, who can share their experiences

Gain Leadership Opportunities in a Collaborative and Supportive Atmosphere

  • Increase your leadership skills and develop new knowledge by working with your post-secondary student coaches, and by leading parts of the Co-op Club curriculum

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Co-ops in Schools (CIS) is an experiential learning program that provides extra-curricular participation to encourage, engage and motivate students.

For secondary school students, the program involves starting a Co-op club which runs the entire school year, and getting coached by post-secondary students. The CIS program is administered by the BCCA and can offer a lot of benefits to your school.

Aligns with the Ministry of Education Curriculum

  • CIS fits within BC’s K-12 curriculum, which requires project and collaborative learning, critical thinking and developing core competencies
  • Provides students with knowledge of business enterprise development, as well as team building and leadership skills recognized by university admissions officers
  • Provides additional learning to build an awareness of co-op enterprises, and opportunities for career and volunteer options

Creates a Bridge to Post-secondary Education

  • By interacting with university and college students regularly, secondary students can learn about and understand the post-secondary institution experience and culture

Provides Exposure to Diverse and Exemplary Role Models

  • Mentorship is provided by post-secondary students, who themselves are coached and mentored by co-op and credit union professionals
  • Post-secondary student teams reflect the diversity in BC’s society, helping secondary students to uncover their potential and envision their futures
  • Mentors act as role models for community service and skill-building

Professionally Monitored, Evaluated and Administered by the BCCA

  • The BCCA is a non-profit organization representing an idea–we’re not selling a product or promoting a brand
  • Our mandate is to support co-operatives, educate the community, and advance the co-op sector
  • Weekly Co-op Club activities are held on school property and based on the CIS curriculum created by the BCCA
  • Post-secondary student coaches operate in teams of two, three or more students, for safety and mutual support
  • All program mentors (i.e. co-op and credit union professionals) and post-secondary student coaches undergo police criminal record checks
  • All CIS students, mentors and participants sign a code of conduct and waiver

Minimal Teacher Involvement

  • Teachers help promote and refer students to the extra-curricular Co-op Club and liaise with the post-secondary student teams around scheduling and room usage
  • Teachers are welcome, but not required, to accompany their students on the annual Co-op Crawl
  • Teachers and school officials may also take part in other CIS events and activities


Learn more about the CIS benefits for your students.

Activities and Events

Explore our engaging, interactive and fun program activities.

For more information, contact Katherine Levett BCCA Program Manager
Phone: 604.662.3906 ex. 4   Email: katherine@bcca.coop