The BCCA’s Co-ops in Schools (CIS) is a province-wide initiative that increases youth awareness about the co-operative model and sector. CIS offers young people a unique opportunity to participate in customized activities, lessons, and events during the academic year while connecting with local co-operatives, credit unions and co-op mentors.

The CIS program:

1. Co-ops 101 Presentation and Learning Activities

A three hour presentation that delivers fundamental co-op knowledge to students through engaging interactive learning activities. The content of Co-ops 101 is fluid and can be tailored to different audiences, depending on their interests and motivations for attending.

2. Co-op Crawl

A day-long tour of local co-ops that allows students to learn about and connect with a variety of co-operatives directly from the people that work in these enterprises.

3. Mentorship Program

The 5-month professional mentorship program provides students with the opportunity to learn from mentors who champion and work directly with the co-op model. It fosters the development of productive, ongoing relationships between students and the sector. Applications are available in November.


  1. INSPIRE future generations to further develop the co-operative sector in British Columbia
  2. ACTIVATE connections between co-op enterprises, credit unions, co-op professionals and local youth
  3. OFFER youth a bridge to career exploration through professional development opportunities and mentorship 
  4. STRENGTHEN and unite BC’s co-operative sector and economy

For more information, contact Katherine Levett BCCA Program Manager
Phone: 604.662.3906 ex. 4   Email: