The BCCA’s Co-ops in Schools (CIS) is a youth outreach program that links the BC co-operative community with high school and post-secondary school students in a unique tri-mentorship and professional development relationship. Through tri-mentorship, a mentee in one relationship becomes a mentor in another relationship – often to a peer or a younger person.

The CIS program:

  • Connects co-op and credit union professionals with motivated post-secondary students through a formalized mentor/mentee relationship
  • Connects post-secondary students with high school students for peer mentorship through extra-curricular “Co-op Clubs”, using the most current approaches to education

CIS raises youth participation in — and awareness of — the co-operative economy by providing high school and post-secondary students with professional development, career insights, skills, and knowledge. CIS also gives co-op and credit union professionals the opportunity to get directly and personally involved in this process, and to develop relationships with their local schools.

The CIS program runs each post-secondary school year (October to April) in select regions of BC, and has been an overwhelming success since it began in 2015.


  1. Increase high school students’ understanding of co-operative enterprises; provide them with valuable resources and skills to succeed in the future; offer a bridge to post-secondary studies; provide peer-led inspiration and advice
  2. Increase post-secondary students’ understanding of co-operative enterprise; provide them with valuable resources and skills to succeed in the future; offer a bridge to the world of work; allow them to practice managing a team; help them become future leaders and influencers in the social economy; provide inspiration and advice on their career development journey
  3. Give co-operative and credit union professionals the opportunity to give back to the community by mentoring post-secondary students; facilitate valuable relationships with the next generation of workers and consumers
  4. Strengthen and unite BC’s co-operative sector; expand and create community engagement and deepen co-op awareness to increase membership; build the co-op economy in all regions of the province

For more information, contact Katherine Levett BCCA Program Manager
Phone: 604.662.3906 ex. 4   Email: