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NOW RECRUITING APPLICANTS at UBC, UBCO, SFU Burnaby, SFU Surrey, UVic, BCIT, KPU, UFV, and Langara College! Apply Now.

BCCA’s Co-ops in Schools Program (CIS) runs each school year in selected regions of British Columbia. CIS uses an innovative tri-mentorship model that links the co-operative sector with universities, colleges, and high schools, raising youth awareness of the co-operative economy by providing professional development, career insight, skills and knowledge through a co-op lens to participating students.

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NOW RECRUITING APPLICANTS at UBC, UBCO, SFU Burnaby, SFU Surrey, UVic, BCIT, KPU, UFV, and Langara College!

Want to give & get mentorship, build your résumé, work in a team and be paid an honorarium for doing it?

  • Provide mentorship working in teams of 4-6 post-secondary students to coach an extra-curricular Co-ops in Schools Club at a partner high school. Training and ongoing support is provided.
  • Receive individual mentorship from co-op and credit union professionals through monthly 1:1 meetings for advice and discussion.
  • Develop new skills and a deeper understanding of co-operative enterprise while accessing networking opportunities and career links.
  • Strengthen your résumé by demonstrating practical skills in leadership, presentation, business development, mentorship and community service.
  • CIS runs from September to April (excluding school breaks and exam periods) and requires 2-5 hours per week of time.
  • A $200 honorarium is provided at successful completion of the program.
  • The program will be of interest to students keen on business, sustainability, social justice, community development, and beyond.

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We will complete team selection in mid to late September. Early application is advised.


Tasha Nathanson, Director of Youth Programs


Post-secondary student participation in the Co-ops in Schools Program provides skill-building and networking opportunities. CIS strengthens students’ resumes/CV’s by demonstrating practical skills in leadership, presentation, business case review, mentorship and community service.

Students who successfully participate in CIS receive an honorarium at the conclusion of the Program. Mentees may request letters of recommendation and participation from their co-op mentor, secondary school teacher liaison, and BCCA staff.

CIS provides

  • Leadership opportunities
    • Develop demonstrable independent and team skills
    • Become a role model for high school students
    • Opportunity to provide ‘reverse mentoring’ to CIS program partners; learn how to coach and be coached
  • Skill development & training
    • Develop project and people management skills, improve presentation ability, and practice effective collaboration, interpersonal and professional communication skills
    • Learn about co-ops through a Co-ops 101 training session and ongoing exposure to the co-op model
  • Networking and support
    • Receive professional mentoring, support and advice on a 1:1 basis
    • Teams receive coaching and support from the BCCA Youth Program Manager
    • Participate in CIS events and sessions to build business contacts
    • Develop foundational knowledge and understanding of the co-operative sector, which can lead to new sources of career options
    • Understand daily life in a professional environment
    • Awards and recognition
    • Your work and commitment is rewarded with a $200 honorarium at the successful conclusion of the CIS Program

Becoming Involved:

  • Apply! 
  • Individual students, groups of students or a school club may also approach BCCA to take part
  • Students must commit to being part of CIS from September to April
  • Teams are created of 4-6 students from each school
  • Time commitment averages 2-5 hours per week. (Students may self-schedule to ensure that at least two team members per week attend their high school club.)
  • There is no cost to participate. 


Co-ops in Schools assists post secondary institutions in developing the "whole student". It directly connects business professionals as mentors to groups of students and is applicable to a wide variety of programs or fields of study. 

Co-ops in Schools

  • Provides students with an opportunity for applied knowledge in a community service context
  • Increases students’ awareness of the co-op business model and provides timely and relevant tie-ins to classroom content that can be applied to other courses and post-secondary experiences
  • Builds important emotional and learning connections that, in turn, improve student performance and retention
  • Improves student employability and connects them to potential future employers
  • Deepens the school’s relationships with area businesses and high schools

Becoming Involved:

  • You, your class, club, school or department can reach out to BCCA to participate in CIS. We would love to hear from you!
  • Your school or department may be contacted by BCCA or one of our partners based on your area of study, location, your interest in the program, and availability of students to participate in the mentor/mentee relationship
  • CIS is offered at no cost to schools or faculty or students
  • CIS evaluations ensure quality control, risk management and continuous improvement
  • There is no ongoing time commitment to administrators or faculty; the program is administered and run by the BCCA. We mainly seek referrals and awareness from campus faculty and staff so students hear about the program.
  • Your school’s participation will be recognized through BCCA and co-op sponsor print and electronic media


Contact Tasha Nathanson
BCCA Director of Youth Programs
604.662.3906 ex. 4