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Mentors and Partners

BCCA partners with co-operatives, credit unions and stakeholder organizations to produce the Co-ops in Schools Program. We'd like you to become involved in CIS. Learn about the various opportunities available.

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As a Co-ops in Schools Sponsor, your co-operative, credit union or sector stakeholder organization helps guide the co-op knowledge, career development and membership habits of post-secondary and high school students. Many students still live at home, so the CIS Program can also influence family habits and raise co-operative awarness amongst parents and siblings.

Sponsors financially support the CIS program in one or more mutually-negotiated regions, and provide mentors who are matched up with engaged post-secondary students on a 1:1 basis. Sponsors may be a single co-op or credit union, or a consortium of co-ops in a region. Regions are determined based on sponsor requests, availability, and proximity to post secondary institutions and high schools.



Mentors are professionals employed by the sponsoring co-op or credit union organization.

Mentorship is an interactive educational opportunity to foster personal and career development through dedicated discussions with someone with more experience. It facilitates growth, builds personal and professional confidence and forms a mechanism for the mentee to receive guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing greater competence and character. Mentors serve as role models and advocates to their mentees.

Mentors are required to meet with their mentees a minimum once a month in person or by phone, Skype or email. Mentors are also asked to participate in CIS events. BCCA provides coaching and support for mentors and has developed a handbook and other resources to ensure a successful mentor/mentee relationship.



Partners are co-ops, credit unions and stakeholder organizations that support aspects of the CIS Program through cash or in-kind contributions. A partner organization may host a co-op crawl or other CIS event, provide judges for the Case Co-opetition Challenge or Co-op Business Plan Challenge, contribute cash or prizes for Co-op Clubs and award recipients, contribute a case study or be available as a Co-op Expert.



Co-ops In Schools

  • Raises the awareness of your co-op or credit union, potentially leading to an increase in membership or new markets for your products and services
  • Provides an ongoing channel for your staff to support and participate in their communities
  • Enriches staff professional development through skills such as mentoring, presentation and outreach; increases co-op knowledge among employees
  • Creates a ‘brand’ that can complement or form the basis of your youth engagement strategy
  • Increases your understanding of the issues, concerns, and approaches of the millennial generation
  • Provides access to talent for staff, internship, committee and board positions
  • Raises co-op sector awareness in secondary and post-secondary schools across BC
  • Fosters regional community economic development and encourages new start-ups
  • CIS evaluations ensure quality control, risk management and continuous improvement
  • And … as a not-for-profit association, BCCA can gain access to the secondary and post-secondary schools, allowing our sponsors and partners to establish their own relationships

Annual Investment

  • Sponsor – Investment ranges from $5,000-$10,000 per region per year for a BCCA member organization depending on the size of the region (non-member organizations may participate at a slight premium)
  • Partner – Cash, in-kind or prize contribution
  • A sponsor may be one co-operative or a consortium of co-ops in a region
  • It is the obligation of the Sponsor to provide mentors from within your organization


BCCA will provide the following to CIS Sponsors and Partners commensurate with their level of commitment:

  • Recognition and promotion through our print, electronic and social media
  • CIS resources including mentorship handbooks and best practices guides
  • Feel free to discuss other opportunities with our staff



  • Sponsors are typically members of BCCA. (Non-members may also sponsor, subject to availability.)
  • Partners are encouraged to become members or supporters of BCCA. (Learn more about membership here.)
  • Sponsors and mentors must be confirmed by September of each year



Contact Tasha Nathanson
BCCA Youth Program Manager
604.662.3906 ex. 4