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Co-ops in the news

The first community service co-operative for competency based counsellors celebrates its first year of success and prosperity!

The Association of Co-operative Counselling Therapists (ACCT) recently celebrated its one-year incorporation. Having grown from a base of 10 to close to 200 members in its first year, the organization has a lot to cheer about.

As explained on the ACCT website, “ACCT is the first community service co-operative for competency based counsellors incorporated under the Co-operative Association Act of British Columbia and will be home to counsellors across Canada, who demonstrate competency and excellence in the counselling profession.”

A look back at an inspiring Co-op Week

The BCCA in partnership with The Co-operators hosted a wonderful BBQ in Grandview Park. Although it rained throughout the day The Co-operators staff brought their smiles to serve hotdogs and hamburgers to a number of co-op members and and for the general public in the neighbourhood.

Modo the carsharing co-operative, the Vancouver Tool Library and the Co-operative Housing Federation all gathered under The Co-operators 40 foot dome to share information about their co-operative businesses and organizations, and to raise awareness about co-operatives in their community. 

Co-op Confidential: Award winning writer, Eric Michael Johnson, explains the role of co-operation in evolution

Co-op Confidential is a monthly blog series from the BC Co-operative Association that features interviews with co-op business leaders, academics and activists to uncover the pithy truths that propel the co-operative movement. 

I recently stumbled upon Eric Michael Johnson’s YES! Magazine article, Survival of the Nicest…Check out the Other Theory of Evolution, in the midst of planning a Co-op Week celebration and contemplating the how wonderful it is that this model exists.

International Summit of Co-operatives 2016

The Third International Summit of Co-operatives runs from October 11-13, 2016, in Quebec City. The theme is Co-operatives: The Power to Act at the Core of the Global Economy.

The program will include world renowned speakers and draw across sectors in four stages:

BCCA Blog: Carol Murray on All 4 Each BC

The BCCA has been working hard to develop great programs and services to build a co-operative economy. 

We want to share our progress with you and update you throughout the year, sharing our successes and letting you know how to get involved. The BCCA Blog will be providing timely updates and sharing stories about our work across BC.