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The Co-operators launches Co-op Guard! Coverage by and for co-operators

Purchasing insurance and getting the right coverage is an important business decision. With an abundance of options, many of which aren’t tailored to the specific needs of co-ops, how can you find the best package? It is with that question in mind The Co-operators is thrilled to be offering Co-op Guard, recognizing that a different kind of business deserves a different kind coverage.

Co-op Confidential: Elvy Del Bianco, Program Manager for Co-operative Partnerships at Vancity, on building capacity for co-ops in BC

Co-op Confidential is a monthly blog series from the BC Co-operative Association that features interviews with co-op business leaders, academics and activists to uncover the pithy truths that propel the co-operative movement. 

Climate action needs co-operation

The end of 2014 brought many issues to the forefront of mainstream media that could overwhelm even the most positive and cheerful of folks. Amid the conflicts and controversies were the UN Climate Negotiations in Lima, Peru. If you could not keep up with the fire hose of news stories, we are lucky to have a BCCA member account to provoke us all to consider our responsibility and principles as part of a global community under threat from the impacts of a warming climate.

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa,

Several of our members have asked the BC Co-op Association to write to you with their wish list for the co-op sector for 2015. We’re hoping that you can make all their wishes come true!

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Car Share Co-op’s partnership boosts fruit tree harvest

The Okanagan Fruit Tree Project more than doubled its harvest this year, and organizers are exuberant in their thanks to the Okanagan Car Share Co-op for their help in making it happen.

“It’s awesome,” says coordinator Casey Hamilton. “With the Co-op’s truck, we were able to harvest from orchards as well as backyards and haul way more fruit. And we expanded into Penticton and Summerland for the first time.”