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Bella Coola Consumer Co-op is 70 Years Young

It has been 70 years since the Bella Coola Consumer Co-op Association has taken root in the community and it certainly has seen a lot of changes through that time. In 1944, seven community leaders came together to start the Bella Coola Co-op. Today it boasts a membership of over 800 active members. That is about 90% of Bella Coola’s population!

To celebrate this landmark anniversary, Bella Coola Co-op held a Member Appreciation Day that brought over 300 members and their families together to a BBQ and prize draw on Saturday, May 31st.


Humanomics: Credit Unions in Your Corner

Credit Unions have come together to initiate a movement that puts humans first. 

Humanomics is a partnership of multiple credit unions that, according to the campaign website, “is all about putting the human factor into economics.”  

Bruce Howell, President and CEO of Prospera Credit Union, one of the five partner credit unions launching this campaign, explains, “Humanomics emerged from a shared vision of improving lives in communities, the core purpose of what a credit union is all about – a mission about being in your corner.”

Out of Office Reply: A Day of Caring for Prospera Credit Union

Prospera, recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers in 2013, is a credit union that listens to the needs and interests of not only of its members, but its employees as well.

That is why Prospera Credit Union staff joined together during National Volunteer Week for their second annual Day of Caring from April 1 – 7, 2014, rolling up their sleeves and helping out in communities from the Okanagan to Vancouver.

Housing Co-ops hold the key to affordable housing

Abdessemad Afsi, a New Canadian and student, has raised his family in a housing co-op for the past six years while they establish their new life in Canada. 

Afsi recounts a recent period when he suddenly became ill and could not work or study. He says he was grateful to have the support of the co-op and his neighbours to see him through. 

"Our neighbours are like our family, helping to take care of our children when we run into troubles or other needs,” says Afsi. 

Sooke CASA is expanding its membership

The Sooke Co-operative Association of Service Agencies (Sooke CASA), a British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA) member, is stepping out its doors to greet a larger community in order to better meet its vision to provide comprehensive and inclusive services for children, youth and families in the Western Communities, Sooke and Port Renfrew.