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Co-op Spotlight: Vancouver Food Pedalers Co-op

The concept of urban farming has been enjoying an upswing in popularity these past several years. We are accustomed to seeing a wide array of models, from small projects on balconies and in backyards to larger scale operations like community gardens and even multi-site productions like that of Sole Food.

In Vancouver's Uber vs. Taxi Debate, We Need a Co-operative Solution

By: Kevin Harding, BCCA Director of Co-op Development

Co-operation is better than exploitation.

Co-op Confidential: Marty Frost, Director of the BC Co-operative Association and Co-op Developer for Devco


Co-op Confidential is a monthly blog series from the BC Co-operative Association that features interviews with co-op business leaders, academics and activists to uncover the pithy truths that propel the co-operative movement. 

Sherese Johnson: What is a co-op developer and how did you become one? Was it a calling or an accidental discovery?

In Vancouver's Uber vs. Taxi Debate, We Need a Co-operative Solution

Co-operation is better than exploitation.

There’s been a lot of noise lately in the debate in Vancouver over whether the city’s licensing board should allow the crowd-based ridesharing service Uber into its passenger transportation landscape. This battle is one that is high-stakes: loaded terms like “cartel” and horror stories of sexual assault by unlicensed drivers have been tossed by the two sides.

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Calling all co-ops and credit union marketers to connect in Kelowna. Like and Share.

This spring the Okanagan will be ripe with more than its renowned fruit trees, vineyards and fantastic beaches. From May 25-27, great marketing minds will be in Kelowna for the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MACU) annual conference that's theme this year is, "With Age Comes Wisdom", to mark 25 years of coming together and learning from each other.