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Why Choose Co-op - BCCA IYC 2012 launch presentation

BCCA would like to thank one and all who took part in our launch of the UN International Year of Co-operatives on Jan. 12. The attendance and spirit at the event exceeded all our expectations and it was a wonderful start to what we know will be an extraordinary year for the co-op movement in BC.


As promised, below is a download of the file of the presentation "Why Choose Co-op - Making the most of your co-op identity in 2012" which I presented at the launch. Please feel free to use it as a resource to promote the co-op identity in your own organization.


Finally, a special thanks to the I Choose Co-op team that helped sponsor the session. Together, we look forward to bringing more I Choose Co-op resources and events to the co-op movement in 2012.


Click to download: Choose Co-op.ppt


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