Parliamentarians hold inaugural All-Party Co-operative Caucus meeting

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For Immediate ReleaseMarch 25, 2014 Parliamentarians hold inaugural All-Party Co-operative Caucus meeting OTTAWA – Today marked the inaugural meeting of the first All-Party Co-operative Caucus on Parliament Hill.  Members of Parliament and Senators from all political parties were invited to attend. The first order of business was the election of a chairperson.  In co-operative fashion, the … Continued

Final Report: Small Business – Doing Business with Government Project

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The final report for the Small Business – Doing Business with Government Project summarizes the feedback received from small business owners and representatives during the consultation process and the small business survey results. Based on that feedback, there are 12 recommendations for the B.C. government to implement to improve the process, tools, and supports for small business. The March … Continued

Workshop: The Role of Cooperatives and Mutuals in Organizing Health Care around the World

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Geneva Health Forum – April 15-17, 2014 Come to the Geneva Health Forum and explore the role that cooperatives and mutuals play in ensuring access to health and social care services around the world.Panelists include: Dr. Rüdiger Krech, Dr. Giuseppe Maria Milanese, Vanessa Hammond, Dr. Toshinori Ozeki, and Patrick Hugon. Jean-Pierre Girard will moderate this global workshop. This workshop, which seeks to … Continued

Nanaimo’s Carshare Co-op attracts donations

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Nanaimo: Nanaimo’s non-profit carshare co-operative is attracting increasing interest from others in the community. Nanaimo Nissan donated the labour and Nisson Canada the parts to rebuild the air conditioning on one of the co-op’s vehicles. Then the non-profit Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island kicked off the fundraising for a high-quality hitch and bike rack for … Continued

CCCBE Speaker Series – Dr. Marvin Brown, February 27, 2014

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CCCBE Speaker Series  – Dr. Marvin Brown A Civic Economy that Provides for Everyone Thursday, February 27th, 4:00 to 5:00 pm David Strong Building, C013   As we consider how to design ways of providing for neighbours in our local communities and strangers in our global networks, we need to re-think the relationship between property ownership … Continued