United Community Services Co-op

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

Since 1998, the United Community Services Co-op (UCS Co-op) has been delivering
for its member-owners a variety of products and services designed to save them
money and help them meet their business goals.

Our work and our members together
contribute to a growing collaborative culture in the sector.

The UCS Co-op is owned and operated by BC non-profit
organizations, foundations and co-operatives, and is run by a team of highly
experienced and innovative professionals, consultants and independent
contractors. We offer a bridge linking:

  • local needs to shared opportunities

  • public policy issues to business realities

An Inspiring Beginning…

The Co-op was created as a solution to a better way to do business together in
the non-profit sector. The creation of the United Community Services
Co-op gave an independent voice to the non-profit sector. This was a
way to create value-based brokering of services and products at
advantageous pricing for our members.

The idea of a co-operative
of this kind gained momentum through Executive Directors of non-profit
organizations. Focus groups, discussions at provincial meetings and
other network hubs mobilized the co-op concept. Soon a Steering
Committee was appointed.

The Steering Committee incorporated United Community Services Co-op under the Co-operative Association Act of B.C.

Today the Co-op has 100 member organizations… and we continue to change, grow and be responsive to the needs of our members.  We definitely are better together!