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Peninsula Co-op

Peninsula Co-op was founded in 1977 by a group of local people with a strong belief that the co-perative way of doing business could be successful. They went door to door in the local neighbourhoods explaining what a Co-op is and encouraging people to join.

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North Peace Savings & Credit Union

North Peace Savings and Credit Union (NPSCU) is a democratic, ethical and innovative provider of financial services to its members. Founded in 1947 to provide financial services to people from all walks of life, NPSCU has grown to become a major financial institution serving the people of northern British Columbia.

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Nelson & District Credit Union

Many factors have contributed to our success over the fifty-five years we have been in business. One key component of our credit union has always been people. Whether those people are our members, our employees, our board or the community, we see each one of them as an integral part of who we are as a credit union.

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Mid Island Co-op

Mid Island Co-op was created by mid Vancouver Island citizens in 1959 as a socially responsible way to provide themselves with goods and services.

Probably everybody who lives in and around Nanaimo has heard of the Co-op. In fact, though we've been known by a few different names, it's still just 'the Co-op' to most people. And it is probably one of the best-known institutions in our community.

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Lake View Credit Union


The Lake View Team at the Big Bike Ride Event.  Lake View also won the Team Spirit Event.

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Ladysmith & District Credit Union

Ladysmith & District Credit Union has been serving our community since 1944, developing strong relationships while being a fiscally sound shoulder that businesses and families have been able to lean on. LDCU is where member service is more than a motto; it’s part of our name.

Constantly striving to improve our services to members, LDCU has recently introduced many new and innovative financial products. The most recent is MATCHplus, a rate-matching product for local investment, loans and mortgages with free bonus incentives.

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Kootenay Co-op

What makes our members walk through the doors of The Kootenay Co-op … again and again and again? They see a thriving, natural food co-op, much more impressive than one would expect in a City of 10,000 people.

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Kootenay Columbia Seniors Housing Coop

A group of individuals from the Castlegar, BC area came together in 2002 to address concerns for the future: their adult (55+) years.

These are some of the situations they were concerned with:

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Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operative

The Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operative (KBCSC) is an organization directed by its members to provide resources and services to people in the southeastern part of British Columbia known as the West Kootenay and Boundary regions. Its mission is to work to strengthen its members and address issues of social well-being in the Kootenay-Boundary region.

The members are all community-based social service organizations and operate in communities located throughout this region.

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Khalsa Credit Union

Khalsa Credit Union was registered on February 19,1986 as a religious bond financial institution to provide financial services to the Sikh community.

A credit union is a financial cooperative organized by the people who share a common bond. It is a unique type of business owned and controlled by its members. The members pool their financial assets to provide themselves funds for loans and a wide variety of other financial services.

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