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Sustainability Solutions Group

Sustainability Solutions Group (SSG) is a workers co-operative that nurtures and embodies a holistic understanding of sustainability and works with clients and collaborators to meaningfully integrate social, ecological and economic practices in their organisations and work. Our team prides ourselves in working with our clients to achieve real, on-the-ground social and ecological change.

SSG understands sustainability as a process, rather than a static outcome, and as such we seek human-driven solutions to today’s greatest challenges. We use sustainability as a lens to create an integrated and effective approach to addressing these challenges including climate change, economic and social inequities, human health, ecosystem decline, and sustainable community development.

As a team we demonstrate that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts – we build on each other’s experiences, enthusiasm, skills and innovation to create projects of unusual integrity.


SSG brings a broad and inclusive set of disciplines and expertise together in all of the services that we offer. In every project we build a transdisciplinary team and approach suited to its unique challenges and opportunities. We have practices in:

1. Green and sustainable buildings. This encompasses Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) consulting and project management, integrated design process (IDP) facilitation and train­ing, and operations planning.

2. Organizational Sustainability. This includes multistakeholder approaches to organizational change, indicator development, measurement and assessment of impacts, strategy development and im­plementation planning, sustainability reporting, green and sustainable operations planning, policy development and the creation of sustainability management systems.

3. Climate change research and mitigation. This involves policy research, energy microgeneration, carbon offsetting, land use planning, organizational GHG impacts, energy planning, and building related energy use.

4. Food security. This includes policy development, land use planning, facilitation and networking, alternative models of land tenure, business planning and market development, and indicator devel­opment and reporting on food and health issues.

5. Sustainable communities. This encompasses integrated community sustainability planning (ICSP), community energy planning, co-op and social enterprise development, affordable housing research and development, community economic development, facilitation, research and policy develop­ment, and sustainability indicator development and reporting.

Cooperative Difference

SSG is a federally incorporated worker’s co-operative, which means that we differ from other businesses in three key ways:

• The purpose of our organization is to provide stable and meaningful work for our worker members (i.e. our full time staff).

• Each member has an equal say in decision-making.

• Surplus (i.e. profit) is invested into improving the well-being of communities.

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