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Rainbow Youth Excellence Society

The Rainbow Youth Excellence Society (RYES) is a charitable, non-partisan organization that provides exceptional leadership training to British Columbia's youth through the support of the province's co-operative and credit union movement.

The YES, formerly known as the Camp Rainbow program, is jointly administered by RYES the British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA). 

Whether you are a young person looking for a stimulating summer experience, or a co-op wanting to contribute to the growth of BC's youth, you will want to be part of the exciting and life-changing experience that this youth leadership program delivers during The YES retreats.

RYES runs 5 separate week-long leadership camps throughout the year:
· Three "Basic" camps each summer aimed at 14-16 year olds;
· One "Advanced" camp each spring break for any 14-18 year old that has attended a Basic Camp;
· One "Grad" camp each summer for any youth who has been to both a Basic and an Advanced Camp.

Each camp focuses on four primary themes:
· Self Awareness
· Communication Skills
· Co-operation
· Leadership

For over 25 years, The YES has provided a unique learning experience for over 8,000 young people.

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