Building a Co-operative Economy
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About BCCA

The British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA) is the umbrella organization that works on behalf of co-ops and credit unions in British Columbia, Canada. We are one of nine anglophone provincial co-operative associations across Canada. 

We promote co-ops as powerful tools for community control over local economies and as key strategies for economic and social reform.

We are a member-driven organization that is a registered "second-tier" co-operative of other co-ops, credit unions, and supportive organizations drawn from across the spectrum of our economy.

Among our members are some of the largest co-operatives in Canada, as well as some of the smallest and newest types of co-ops.

Our work, though constantly evolving, normally focuses on the following areas:

  • Strengthening and supporting existing co-ops
  • Educating and promoting co-operative solutions to the challenges facing B.C.'s communities, which includes bringing co-ops to new sectors of the economy (such as health care)
  • Introducing young people to the advantages of membership in co-ops and credit unions
  • Linking co-ops together to share ideas and solve problems common to them all
  • Sharing services and technical expertise amongst co-ops and credit unions
  • Forging partnerships with other institutions, governments and countries to build new relationships and strengthen the co-op movement in our province
  • Offering graduate level co-op education
  • Developing new co-ops
  • Promoting co-operation, in collaboration with other organizations and all levels of government, as key to addressing challenges and opportunities that are unique to British Columbia